Food has always been a huge part of our relationship – when we were friends, when we started dating and when we were officially together as a couple. Lunch, dinner and supper dates were great excuses for meeting up and dessert joints which open till the wee hours were perfect for spending time together.


Besides our love for globetrotting (which can only happen infrequently due to practical reasons), our love for food fuels our curiosity for new experiences and keeps us exploring. There is always another cafe or another restaurant to try.

We got married in December 2012 and since we settled into our own apartment, our new foodie adventure began and the kitchen has become our new adventure cove.

Photo 20-4-13 12 29 05 PM

We’re both new to cooking and believe that cooking will be a life-long process of learning, experimenting and having fun, so the blog will be documenting our cooking journey. And because we are like many of you out there who didn’t used to cook, we hope that we’ll also be able to inspire some of you to step into the kitchen and start your own cooking adventures!

Photo 25-5-13 11 28 30 PM

We’re no professionals, so unlike many established food blog out there, we will not be sharing recipes or telling you what’s the best way to cook certain dishes. This will simply be a food/cooking/baking blog that documents down (very casually) our foodie moments in the kitchen (or wherever food leads us). We will even include our kitchen bloopers so that we can all learn and grow together 🙂

Finally, we leave you with our favourite foodie quote (which is also decaled onto our kitchen glass).

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” – Julia Child


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