[Quick Fix] Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken is one comfort food that brings back lovely childhood memories.

Wayne and I always argue about who’s granny cooks curry better, mine or his. We figured, it’s really not about the taste, but the childhood memories that the aroma of curry brings. So I bet YOUR granny cooks the best curry too 🙂

We got a little tired of the usual stuff we’ve been cooking so we decided to experiment with cooking curry. But unlike our grannies, we decided to cheat a little and use Prima Taste’s curry mix :p


Well, it’s the first time we’re attempting curry so we didn’t want to intimidate ourselves with the experience!


Basically, we just prepared the additional items – Chicken and Potatoes – and followed the instructions on the package.


And Mr Cook-Too-Much poured 2 packs of the mix into the pot instead of one and increased the water required correspondingly. But we did not increase the other ingredients.


And we found that the amount of gravy is just nice for 4 chicken drumsticks, 1 pack of 6 wings (mid section) and 5 potatoes.

Of course, that will be too much for 2 people to finish in one sitting -_-


But it so happened, that we had a couple of special guests turning up for dinner that day, totally out of the blue!

The amount of curry was just nice for the 4 of us, with a little left over, and everyone found it really tasty!

The only imperfection is that the curry had a slightly powdery texture (though not very obvious), probably because the coconut came in powder form. If you’re particular, you can try doing without the powder coconut that comes with the packet and use the coconut milk that comes in a small carton instead.


Given the very little effort it took and the great satisfaction that came with the meal, we’ll definitely try it again!

Showed my parents the photo and they were impressed even without trying it.

Even if you don’t really cook, we’re pretty sure you can do it too!


[Celebrity Chef Inspired] Heston’s Perfect Roast Chicken

The last time we tried roasting a chicken was probably close to 2 years ago. And when we caught a recent episode of Heston cooking this perfect roast chicken with juice glistening below the crispy brown skin, we were sold to try roast chicken again.

We didn’t want to finish the whole chicken by ourselves so the perfect opportunity came on Mothers’ Day where we volunteered to cook for the family.

The preparation time was a little long, but definitely worth it!

The main step here is the very first step – brining.


Heston advised 60g of salt for 1 liter of water, but we wanted to fully submerge the chicken so we added another 500ml of water and adjusted the salt content accordingly.

Basically, if the proportion of water to salt is right, the moisture will be nicely retained in the chicken. A friend of ours tried it for smaller chicken parts too like drumstick or thigh and it works too!


The chicken is then left in the fridge overnight.


 About 3 hrs before dinner, we brought the chicken out to prep.

Before seasoning the chix, we stuffed a lemon into the, erm, cavity. If you have fresh herbs on hand, rosemary or thyme will go really well too.


A pity our non-green fingers had recently caused the death of another rosemary pot, so we made do with dried herbs instead.


We mixed the herbs and seasoning with butter.


And slather, slather, slather!



Then off the bird goes, into the oven at an abnormally low heat of 90 degrees C.


Aft 1.5 hrs, the chicken still looks barely cooked, and we’re suppose to let it rest out of the oven for another 45 mins.

This cooking method is really not for the impatient.


After resting, the final step is to brush some butter on the chicken and send it back into the oven at it’s highest temperature for 10 mins. This step give colour to the chicken and it’ll look beautiful and taste really yummy!!


The skin was not extremely crispy, just nicely browned, but the juice that was retained in the chicken made the effort and time spent really worth it.


Too bad we were in so distracted by all the hustle of serving dinner that we forgot to take a photo of the first cut of the chicken.

Managed to take a quick shot of the portion on my plate before I gobbled it down. Check out the evidence of moisture glistering on the flesh 🙂


We’ll definitely try it again when we have another gathering!