[Foodie Events] Savour 2013

We’ve been talking about it for a whole month since we grabbed a copy of the Savour pamphlet, but only bought our tickets 2 days short of the event because it was so hard to decide which day to go for!

Photo 13-4-13 3 49 37 PM

Finally decided on the Sunday slot to end off our weekend beautifully 🙂

Photo 14-4-13 11 23 42 AM

Photo 14-4-13 11 23 57 AM

Photo 14-4-13 11 27 09 AM

It was a gloomy Sunday morning because it had been raining since early morning. The organisers were nice enough to have ponchos on hand for us, but rain or shine, nothing comes between foodies and their food!

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We arrived at event around 11.20 and went straight for the first Master Class with Chef Andre Chiang.

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He whipped up 3 dishes featuring ingredients found in the rainforest of West Kalimantan. Very uncommon ingredients, lightly processed, but plated in very interesting manner.

Photo 14-4-13 12 16 24 PM

Photo 14-4-13 12 16 37 PM

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One cooking tip we picked up from his masterclass – to prevent diluting the flavour of the ingredients that you’re using (especially vegetables or fruits), do not boil the ingredients in water directly as the juice from the ingredients will be lost (unless you’re trying to make soup). Either let them cook in their own juice or boil them while keeping them in a vacuumed plastic pack.

And he uses this lovely herb box! No wonder is food turns out like art pieces 🙂

Photo 14-4-13 12 17 33 PM

We proceeded out excitingly to the Gourmet Village where all the yummy food awaits.

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Photo 14-4-13 5 17 03 PM

And our first stop – Gunther’s

Photo 14-4-13 12 20 29 PM

Photo 14-4-13 12 22 23 PM

Photo 14-4-13 12 22 36 PM

Cold Angel Hair Pasta, Gunther’s – $18 

Angel Hair done just right, flavoured with truffle and topped with Oscietra Caviar.  I think there’s only one way to describe it – Decadence in a cup. Of course, the price reflected that as well.

Photo 14-4-13 12 27 08 PM

Happy indeed! In spite of the drizzle 🙂 It just made us feel like we’re in London again.

And speaking of London…

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Photo 14-4-13 12 33 08 PM

Photo 14-4-13 12 33 55 PM

Slow-cooked Angus Ox Cheek Braised in Burgundy, Horseradish & Potato Purée, Roasted Carrots & Bone Marrow Crumb, Pollen Street Social – $14

My absolute favourite dish amongst those that we tried that day! The ox cheek was cooked sooooo soft and tender, you can easily pry the meat apart with a plastic fork. And the flavour is really intense, but you don’t feel overwhelmed by the dish because the flavours are nicely balanced and the tinge of tartness cuts the intensity and makes you want to eat more. The bone marrow crumbs also added another layer of texture to the dish.

Seriously, the dish made me fall in love with Chef Jason Atherton immediately (not to mention, he’s cute too).

Photo 14-4-13 12 41 27 PM

I need to get us into Pollen Street Social when we visit London in Sept!

Before we even managed to get ourselves a drink, we were back in the Gourmet Auditorium for another Masterclass. This time with Chef Daniel Chavez.

Photo 14-4-13 1 00 12 PM

Photo 14-4-13 1 45 51 PM

They provided insights on how they ensure that the best and freshest seafood are served at their restaurant and an interesting tip to keep fresh fishes, well, fresh for the next 3-5 days. Basically, stuff a clean paper in the fish after cleaning out its innards and replace two to three times daily so fish stays fresher longer. And don’t remove the scales until you’re ready to cook it.

Photo 14-4-13 1 25 49 PM

And we got to test this yummy appetizer which they demonstrated and they were kind enough to provide the recipe for it!

Photo 14-4-13 1 26 24 PM

Another really amazing thing about Savour, is the free Nespresso! Really enjoyed them 🙂

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Photo 14-4-13 2 04 48 PM

Next up, we tried to settle our Foie Gras craving.

Photo 14-4-13 2 11 16 PM

Le Foie Gras, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – $14

Lovely and creamy, but I personally prefer pan-seared ones 🙂

And we were on our way back to the auditorium once again for the last Master class with Chef Gunther!

Photo 14-4-13 2 20 06 PM

Photo 14-4-13 2 22 36 PM

Featuring live lobster and involuntary squeals from some of the ladies.

Photo 14-4-13 2 49 02 PM

Tying the lobster this way helps the lobster to cook more evenly because the folds between the segments of the tail are usually not properly cooked when its curled up.

Photo 14-4-13 2 50 19 PM

And that’s gluttony me rushing to the front of the crowd to try the dish.

Photo 14-4-13 3 11 35 PM

Photo 14-4-13 3 38 17 PM

Then we’re back for more food (really, I could do this for daysssss)!

Photo 14-4-13 3 43 45 PM

Photo 14-4-13 3 47 26 PM

Photo 14-4-13 3 47 53 PM

Photo 14-4-13 3 44 49 PM

Photo 14-4-13 4 02 16 PM

Photo 14-4-13 4 01 36 PM

Photo 14-4-13 4 08 22 PM

Photo 14-4-13 4 14 10 PM

Photo 14-4-13 4 14 36 PM

Photo 14-4-13 4 14 51 PM

Photo 14-4-13 4 17 24 PM

No review of the food because we were rushing through the mouthfuls to try as many item as we can before the gourmet village closes to prepare for dinner. But the Classic English Strawberry Trifle Scented with Rose Petal by Chef Anthony Demetre was absolutely memorable because it was unique, gorgeous and really tasty!

Wrapped up the Savour experience with some cheese and caviar from the gourmet market (yes, they served as perishable souvenirs).

Photo 14-4-13 4 31 22 PM

Photo 14-4-13 7 25 28 PM

Photo 14-4-13 10 05 10 PM

Photo 14-4-13 9 59 28 PM

Savour 2014 – I’m definitely coming!


It All Starts Here

After procrastinating for a week since we wanted to start a food blog together, today marks the setting up of our blog and our first blogpost!

Photo 17-4-13 12 15 00 PM

For records purpose, it happened on a bright cheery Saturday and yes, while watching Gordon Ramsy.

Looks like our first post will not be a food post because we’re preparing for a BBQ gathering in another 30 mins time. But here’s one of our favorite BBQ items – pork slices, pounded to soft juicy texture.


If we get good review for the pork slices later, we’ll do a post to share the simple steps we took 🙂

Till the next post!